Monday, June 20, 2011


Im back from my trip to Seattle, WA! I was suppose to be home last Friday but spontaneously hours before my flight was originally suppose to leave miss bee hives convinced me to cancel my flight and hop in the car and drive back to my hometown(Spokane,WA) to surprise my mum which i have not seen in over a year! I was only in Spokane for less than 36hrs and the majority of my time was spent visiting miss bee hives! My first night on the town in Seattle, Cassie and I got all gussied up to go see Crow Quill Night Owls, only to realize we had just missed their set as we got there! However, we did catch them the next night in Bellingham, which was my birthday and i couldn't have found a better way to kick off turning 21 then seeing my favorite jug band while kicking up my skirt and heels and dancing the night away to some ol' time 20s & 30s jazzy tunes!


  1. Good heavens, the attire is incredible!!!

  2. oh no! why didn't you come visit me while you were in town! i would've loved to have met you dear. maybe next time. you two are adorable!

  3. @Bruklyn Belle

    thank you so much lady! you are always to kind!

  4. @Bombshell Bettie
    oh nicole! i would have loved to have met you, but my trip to spokane was not planned by any means and was there and then gone in a flash! BUT next time im in spoko i will defiantly let you know prior sp we can met up and grab coffee and go thrifting!