Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hello Summer!

Picnic in the Park detail - 1954

Hanging Out in Summer of '42

Oh my! Where do i even begin! First off excuse my long absence. One of my best friends flew into town on a very short notice, and when i say short i mean her decision to come visit was decided on a roll of dice at 2am a few days prior to her arrival(literally)!HA The main attraction for her arrival was for us to kick off the start of summer by going to Lighting In The Bottle, which was a five day music and art festival filled with plenty of warm sunshine,dancing till 6am, drinking under the stars, and being surrounded by the most incredible and inspiring people around! Although i am very sad to see her go back home, i am however left feeling incredibly inspired, and grateful for my wonderful best friends back home! Tomorrow i am back to work in the shop, and i will try my best to pump out lots of new listings before the week is over!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Style Like You

Scout Willis for StyleLikeU.com

Stylelikeu.com has done a few wonderful video features, called 'closets' on a few stylish young fashionistas, and which i found rather fantastic because i find nothing more interesting then perusing other peoples closets, especially when they have amazing vintage treasures in them! I believe closets are so very personal, whether you take fashion seriously or not! The feature with Scout Willis was one that i enjoyed the most! I got chills down my spin just hearing the way she talked so lively about her style and her years of treasure hunting. I love when you can feel people's passion and love for the things they own! Now im not usually necessarily one to dress like im going to a Devendra Banhart concert, but i do sincnerly appreciate funk and personal style! This little feature has inspired me to do my own little 'closet' sharing, maybe even with a video in the near future!

Monday, May 16, 2011

When The Curtain Is Closed

I have always been fascinated by the circus, and aside from the obvious glamorous and oh-so-dreamy sparkly costumes, im also inspired by the gritty,and grimy lifestyle these folks lived. The idea of living on the road, and sleeping in dirty clothes, is not ideal to most, but I think there is something so fashionable and fanatic about these photos and how they portray the unwritten ol' time carny lifestyle, don't you?

Friday, May 13, 2011

Summer Fever

Yesterday I spent the day running aarons, and upon coming home i stopped off at the park to attempt to shoot some photos for an 'outfit post'. I must admit i felt pretty awkward taking photos of myself while others curiously walked by with their kids and dogs(ha), however even though i felt pretty silly i continued to snap away, and im even tempted to go back and have myself a picnic photoshoot! The dress im wearing is a 1940s chiffon number, and its one of my favorite peices to throw on when i have to run out the door. Its definitely going to be one of my summer staple peices to go thrifting in!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Party Anyone?

Just a few more weeks until summer is in full swing, but by the ninety degree whether over here would have had you fooled otherwise! These colorful party prom dresses have got me on a summer high, and wishing i had somewhere special to go in one of them! Party dresses are some of my favorite things to stock the shop with, and these are no exception! There's something about looking like a tulle covered cupcake that fits my fancy, and these dresses have got the shop slowly filling with burst of bright colors and plenty of colorful pastels.

All dresses above are available in the shop!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Night Full of Surprises!

While i was in Seattle last month visiting bee hives we went out to see the Beats Antique show, but not before i got the best surprise! My other best friend from home(Spokane,WA) drove all the way over to Seattle to join us for the night!

The ladies behind this secret mission and my favorite women,Olie and Cassie

Before the show we made some cocktail concoctions, laughed alot, and had ourselves a little dance party while having some fun with Olie's cane she brought over to dance with at the show!

All photos are courtesy of the lovely miss bee hives!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Spring Vintage Expo

If you live in southern California and your a die heart vintage lover, then you know what i mean when i say the vintage expo is like the holy grail of vintage shopping(aside from the Manhattan show)! yes, its highly overpriced, but its the best of the best! Lately my eternal clock has been all out of whack and has got me forgetting things left and right, and yesterday i completely forgot that the vintage expo was this weekend! It was not until late last that i realized i had missed the first day of the show, and i could not sleep at all that night thinking about all the goodies i had missed out on. Luckily, i woke up early today and headed out to catch the last day of the vintage expo.

I saw spotted this cute duo all dressed in 40s, and i had to get a picture of the pair!

The last three photos were some of the things i sadly had to leave behind that i had my eye on. Those 40s striped heels are drool worthy! To bad they were only a child's size 4! To imagine what little girl was prancing around in the summer in those babies!
My heart stopped a little when i saw that baby pink 20s dress. It was absolutely perfect! It had a deep v-cut in the front and back, and a bias cut with a lovely rhinestone belt, and only... $600! The brass crown was from the same booth. I wanted it to wear to Burning Man for a frilly ballerina costume, but i think i will just have to make my own makeshift crown for the price she wanted for it.
Although my piggy bank does not live up to the expense of the majority of the things at the expo, i did manage to take home a new(old) 30s cotton dress to frolic in this summer!