Monday, December 26, 2011


My goodness its been a very long while since i have done a post! Lots of things have changed and are new for me since, but instead of boring you with what i've been doing since i last posted i think i will just start with today.
Im back home in Spokane, Washington for the holidays visiting family and friends. Its been nearly two in a half years since ive been home for longer than thirty two hours and almost three years since ive seen my older sister. This trip around is defiantly different than any of my other previous visits.

Being 'home' so far has definitely been exciting but yet also rather strange. Things are different. Im different. Although it seems no matter how long im gone for time in Spokane seems to stand still. That to me is both terrifying and comforting.

Sadly, my time in Spokane in nearly coming to an end and i will soon be back by the beach in southern California. I cant quite explain how incredibly strange this trip has turned out to be so far. I feel both nostalgic for Spokane, and yet determined stay away for as long as possible.

But enough with my nostalgic woes. Hopefully I will do a better job updating this thing, but i make no promises. So if im no where to be found around these parts for another three months i hope you have have a fantastic and fabolous new years!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Dirt Dishin' Daisy

sib vintage Presents:

sib vintage Presents:

sib vintage Presents:

sib vintage Presents:

sib vintage Presents:

sib vintage Presents:

I have put together a very special refined collection of one of a kind vintage leather boots from the 1920s to 1940s for the shop for the upcoming fall/winter seasons! Leather has and will always be one of my favorite and most beloved materials to wear, and vintage leather boots being a key staple piece of that love. There has always been just something very somthing about broken in quality leather that has aged beautifully over decades. So i have brought to you my most favorite vintage leather boots i have ever found for you to enjoy!
all boots above will be trickling into the shop by the end of october!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tales From An Insomniac

Bonjour! Its been a long week of sleepless nights, to much ice cream in bed, early morning dance parties to sixties french pop music, lots of late night lurking on the web for super hero costumes for my cat,and i have been spending way to many hours playing dress up in the very wee hours of the night, i'd say my week so far has been productive, hows yours?

Last night was no exception to my bazaar late night antics. I could'nt sleep and felt a niche to tear up my closet and play dress up at two thirty in the morning. I just felt like dancing and i could'nt think of a more suiting time to crank up some old timely tunes and try on nearly every dress i own while twirling around my room in my ballet slippers.

Although my dress up parties might seem silly, well its because they are, but sometimes the most enjoyable part of my day is just being silly very late at night all by my lonesome where i can throw up my arms, shake my hips and dance like a wild ape!

how about you kittens, how do you lovelies spend your sleepless late nights?

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Magic In The Desert

I've come out from the depths of my wild and untamed solo dance parties, my late night day dreaming, and my never end pile of precious raggedy dresses that need cleaning, to say hello again on my abandoned and almost forgotten blog!
Its been nearly a month since I've gotten home from my trip to Burning Man and i can honestly say that i'm still riding the wave of excitement from coming home from such a magical event! It was my third year out there, and if i do say so myself it was my favorite year of all! Im not sure if it was the amazing weather conditions this year, or that fact that i have finally learned how to come prepared to this shindig, but it was most definitely my most enjoyable and memorable year of all and a large part of that had to do with sharing this experience for the third time around with one of my closest friends and my partner in crime, Olie.

I think i can safely say that both her and i have come along ways from our very first days of our first ever attended festival back when we were sixteen(almost six years ago!), although the first festivals we ever attended were rather called Barter Fairs and mostly took place in the north eastern side of Washington and are incredibly different in so many ways than the types of festivals we attend now, however i have been so incredibly lucky to have had her by my side from the beginning and to have somebody who is equally diverse with their interst/hobbies and to share such a passion, not only for festivals and the culture within them, but also having a true genuine passion for vintage!
But even after six year of attending these crazy things, we still fail miserably at documenting these magical events properly! There is just so much going on everywhere you look, especially at Burning Man. I sincnerly don't know how one would capture such an event and portray it in all its layers without just actually being there and experiencing it for yourself!

( A photo from our first year at Burning Man in 2009 )

However, for those of you wondering what Burning Man is, i would say it is everything in your wildest dreams and more! It is a man made city located in the middle of the desert that only exist for seven days, and is made up of 50,000 of the craziest folks from all over the world! There is more music, art and dance than one could see, hear, or do in one week! It is a city of massive pirate ships, saucer cupcakes, and ginormous rubber ducks, all on wheels and cursing by. It is the only place where you are stripped raw from society and are left to climb massive art sculptures,dance on speakers, swing from cages, bike through dust storms, and most importantly play,laugh, and be merry till sunrise!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Olga Spessiva in Swan Lake costume, 1934 / photographer Sydney Fox Studio, 3rd Floor, 88 King St, Sydney

Ziegfeld Girls

For the last two days i have been procrastinating, well i give myself the excuse of trying to find' inspiration' to sit my rump down and list thirty dresses by Friday, however every time I've attempted to sit down at my computer and focus on Etsy i get distracted! Its everything and anything that distracts me, mainly my trip next week to Burning Man and all the fun things i want to wear while dancing the night away! Its just been so much fun preparing for my trip next week that i sort of accidently put Etsy on the back burner, while i instead play dress up at all hours of the day and night. Last night i stayed up till the wee hours of the morning trying on every vaudeville burlesque circus piece i have and if that wasn't enough i spent a good portion of today prancing around in my ballet point slippers while wearing a 1920s teddy pretending to be anything as cool as these images, which i have been so incredibly inspired by and the feelings they provoke for my costume inspiration for Burning Man. Although i wont actually be wearing anything as stunning at these images but a girl can dream, right?



However, i will be wearing my vintage ballet slippers and more 1920s lingerie teddies and slips than one could imagine for the week! So far i have packed everything i own in the shade of pastel pink, cream and anything with antique lace! Burning Man is the perfect place to get away with wearing nothing but vintage lingerie with a antique gentleman's top hat while dancing with a vintage umbrella in one hand and a drink in the other! If you have not been and are obsessed with costumes, art, the circus, and live performance, i highly reccomend you put Burning Man on your bucket list as a must do!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

new beginnings


Although these photos aren't quite new,they are from a small adventure up to the Santa Monica Pier with my best friend while she was in town visiting earlier this summer. It was probably the funniest time i ever had at the Santa Monica Pier in years. We wasted no time getting ourselves a few ride passes for the roller coaster, the scrambler, and of course the Ferris wheel, but not before getting ourselves nice and stuffed on hot dogs and cotton candy! It was so much fun just to be be silly,eat and eat n' eat, and watch the sun go down with a picture perfect sunset!

while summer and its long beautiful sunsets are nearly coming to and end, and the new beginnings of fall will then soon be starting to turn over. Now,i am definitely not one to say an easy goodbye to summer, but I am very much looking forward to the seasons changes and the new beginnings for myself. Perhaps the biggest change but yet most challenging, will be me heading back to school! The decision for me to go back to school and finish my studies has been a very long and daunting decision i have tortured myself with thinking, and over thinking if even going back to school at this time was right for me. Its scary to admit but i have spent many days while i was in school and even this summer thinking that going back and finishing school this fall was just not the right thing for me at this time. I'm good at convincing myself out of things, however; at the end of the day and no matter how many times i have doubts about if this is the right thing for me, i'm also not ready to throw in the towel and make that decision without giving it another good run! That being said, i have no idea what the outlook for sib vintage holds as far as how many or how little updates that will be happen this fall, but what i can tell you is that lots of new and exciting things for the shops future are in the works and i'm even in the beginning stages of working on an entirely new and different endeavor but its what I'm MOST excited to share with you all in the future!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

When Things Were Pretty

These are some of my newest treasures from the 20s that the postman brought to me yesterday. Oh, how i wish he could bring things like this to me everyday, but don't we all? Lately i have noted how much my buying habits are so different than say someone who just doesn't wear vintage. For example; Earlier this week i wasn't able to rationalize myself going to Target and spending a few buckaroos for a pair of knee high stockings but i was quick to jump at spending $25 on one pair of old 1930s knee high stockings that have a few holes in them, need to be worn with care and can only be cleaned if i hand washed them. They were nearly identical to the ones offered at Target but didn't have what others would consider 'cons' when buying an item but what i would consider just to be character. Its silly, i know, but most of the time i really cant bring myself to spend my money on something new or reproduced when i know i can find something vintage(old, brittle and dirty) to spend my piggy bank on instead and come home much happier! To me things are that well worn, or scattered with holes or even stained are always more of an eye catcher than say something new new and fancy. Some of my most beloved treasures are the most damaged things i own.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Goodbye July

Hello kittens! I cant believe July is already over and August is here. Summer for me is just flying bye! These last couple of weeks i have sort of put myself in hiding. Since i had quite a hectic and wonderfully exciting beginning of summer with so much traveling and adventures, and now that everything is finally winding down and im slowly back to my routines, i have taken quite alot of time to just enjoy being a quiet hermit, day dreaming of all things pretty, and being swept away by the short stories and imagination of Joan Didion.

However, yesterday there was a small vintage show and it was every opportunity to pull back my covers, get out of bed, and mingle with society. The 1920s straw cloche hat in the first two photos is one of the treasures i brought home with me yesterday, but only after i had to put up a small fight to get it. The funny thing is I saw this very hat last year at the same show being sold by a different seller who only wanted pennies for this hat compared to what the lady who bought it and was now reselling it for yesterday. I remeber going home last year beating myself up for not snagging it when i first saw it, since then it has literally been one of the peices that has been haunting me in the back of mind and when i saw it yesterday from across the room my heart begin to flutter with excitement, and i quickly ran over to reunite with it. As i was walking over i was determined not to let this hat get away again. Unfortunately i had to suck it up and pay almost three times as much than when i first saw it for sale. But, im not too worried because i plan on wearing this for the rest of the summer flocking under the sun on the beach, while catching up on my reading!
I hope July was just as kind to you, as it was to me! Hello August.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

La De Da

These photos are from day two of my San Francisco adventure, although excuse the frizz ball of a mess i had going on with my hair. The weather was so fantastically hot that day, it had me running all over the city, exploring every nook and cranny possible, and frankly i just didn't care to much to stop and primp. I spent most of the day doing what i like to do best, people watch. I'm extremely fascinated by people, their characteristics, and humanity, and well those extremely well-put-together folks are good to look at too! However, instead of taking your regular sight seeing photos like one is suppose to do when visiting San Francisco, i think i took more photos of the interesting looking homeless people in their natural habitats and of little children laughing than any thing else! Can you say creep? I ended my last full day in San Francisco with a delightful dinner at The Stinking Rose, San Francisco's best garlic restaurant and a must go to place when visiting!
All the while im so glad to be back home and nestled away in sunny southern California where the sun doesn't stop shining!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

In California

This past weekend I took a spontaneous trip up north to San Francisco for a few days. The whole shindig was planned in a matter of minutes, like most things in my life(ha). Something had just sparked in me and the idea of spending the weekend lingering their city streets and festering under some shady trees in the Golden Gate Park, all the while stuffing my face with the tastiest pastries the bay area has has to offer, was suddenly the most brilliant idea! And before i knew it my bags were packed and i was running out the door,and i was in my car flying up Interstate5 with my windows down and blasting Scott McKenzie, "If You're Going To San Francisco(be sure to wear some flowers in your hair)".

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tea for Two Please

Oh boy, this blog is looking like a ghost town, my apologies. Since summer has begun i have been jumping ship left and right traveling to visit friends and family and having friends come into town and visit me! First it was Seattle, then back home, then my best friend came to visit and we took off for the weekend to an music and art festival, then back to Seattle and hopped over to Spokane for a day, then back home, then my other best friend came to visit and we took off to Las Vegas, then back home and i just last night got back from a little get away to San Francisco for the weekend. Summer has been exhausting but ever so exciting! While i was in San Francisco i did little shopping for the shop and i manage to bring home lots of new things for the shop but also snagging myself three new caplets! I never get tired collecting lingerie tidbits. Any thing soft, pastel and with lace makes my heart flutter!