Saturday, March 26, 2011


Some may find these images just a little much for them,and i apologies in advance if do you, but i cant help it but find these photos incredibly beautiful.
Early 1900s and 1920s erotic pinup is most definitely something to note, as far as fashion,art and history. Its amazing to think that these were considered 'smutty' and completely not acceptable back then. However i love every thing about these, the porcelain skin, the innocent poses, and the of course the period fashion!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Meet bee hives!

blackberry, rosemary

Im excited to share that in seven days i will be leaving to Seattle, Washington for a long over due visit to see one of my oldest and dearest friends, miss bee hives!

She is the lovely lady behind bee hives on flickr and the shop keeper of blue cocoon! on Etsy!


We have been friends since seventh grade and from the get-go we quickly realized we both shared a strong passion for vintage, and fashion. Sadly, we now live states away from each other and i don get to she her as often as i like, so im beyond excited for this visit!

joy, aspirate

fool's gold

Cassie(bee hives) has a sharp eye for whats beautiful and the photos she takes fall short of nothing but amazing. These are just a few of my favorites but she has an achieve of stunning photographs she has taken over the years on her flickr and etsy!

Expect to see alot more from this lady, she is very talented and has a niche for creativity!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Saying Goodbye.

Sorry things have been scarce around here lately. My computer decided to throw up and die on me, and it has taken me a week to get things back in order!

But on a entirely different note i have been feeling extremely nostalgic for all the great vintage things I have passed up over the years! Sometimes I literally ask myself, what was i thinking not getting this!" I usually don't get sad to often by things i pass up, but recently I have passed up some really great vintage treasures and i thought I'd share some of the ones I'm truly sad to say goodbye to!

A jaw dropping Edwardian corset.

Still gasping! 1920s silk robe.

Sadly, the blouse was not my size!

Heart broken I let this swimsuit go!

and lastly this fantastic hat! Maybe if fate has its way on me then i will see one of these items again!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Fancy Footwear

Vintage shoes are my favorite type of footwear, however i truly love 30s and 40s heels, but i do have an appreciation for all kinds of fancy footwear from every era!

When i find beautiful shoes, I love thinking about what fabulous gal wore these and how many nights she probably spent dancing in them!

It saddens to know that they just dont make shoes of this quality and craftsmanship any more. I really love the high platform's of 30s and 40s heels and all the feminine details that went into shoes of those eras. Heels just dont get any better than this!

I had originally bought these two pairs of heels for myself, and tragically they did not fit! Unfortunately with shoes, (unlike my bad habit of keeping to many dresses that dont fit because i tell myself they will...someday!), when they just dont fit, there's nothing you really can do, other than just pass them on and hope they will find a good home!
All the shoes above are currently listed in the shop!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Billie Holiday Lives Again!

well not exactly, but perhaps a dress of hers does! I recently purchased this beautiful 1930s designer dress from Dear Golden, and have now made the most exciting discovery! This dress is the exact same dress that the legionary jazz singer Billie Holiday was photographed in.

She not only is photographed in this dress but is also photographed in some of the most iconic images related to jazz! She wore this dress numerous times through out her career!

I feel that this dress couldn't be meant for me any more! I am true fan of Billie Holiday who has been a deadictated listener for many years! When i found out about the connection I almost cried! I could'nt have been more excited! But now I am left to wonder, could this dress have been Miss Holiday's!?! I like to pretend and think so, because the dress is a m/l and Billie Holiday was no xs. Also this is a rare 1930s Originals by Rudolf design, which means that few ladies had this dress back in the day!

Just the connection to the iconic legion of Billie Holiday is enough for me! I now have big plans to wear this dress when i go visit one of my best friends Miss bee hives! in Seattle! We plan to sway and swoon while listening to our favorite jams from Billie Holiday over drinks!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


One my favorite things to collect is lingerie!It just doesn't get more feminine than 1920s lacy bed jackets, and 1940s bullet bras. I have always been inspired by vintage lingerie,old smutty magazines, and Edwardian pinup.

This particular 1920s lace bed jacket is one of my favorites! I got it a awhile back and i practically live in the darn thing! I love the heavy lace detail and the small pastel flowers near the shoulder.

Sadly I don't find enough pretty lingerie to often any more, but recently I uncovered 100+ dead stock 1940s stain and lace bullet bras! They are all in need of 'bra sliders',but once i find and sew them on they will be hitting the shop!

Until then i can only dream about recreating my own vintage inspired lingerie!