Friday, October 26, 2012

Whos Keeping Time?

Untitled Its been over five months since we've brushed shoulders, and last time we spoke i told you i celebrated turning one year older by dancing till the very wee hours of the morning, and since then not much has changed. I'm still one year older,and i still spend a majority of my nights dancing recklessly while collecting remnants of past times. Both the peach chiffon blouse and purple beaded dress are from the 1920s and are some of my recent treasures that i have made mine. Untitled Untitled Untitled Diptic I could bore you with why i haven't been around these parts as of late, but there's no real reason why Ive been letting things stand still here, other than they kinda just are. I'm not hiding, i just can be found more frequent on my twitter or instagram than here these days. Aside from my no reason of absence from the ol' blog, I've been spending more time than usual day dreaming about the 1920s, delicate ecru lace, the smell of old photographs, and the feeling you get when you your in the presence of something beautiful, but most importantly i find myself thinking about old decrepit houses that are still secretly nested in a vast of brush, trees and flowers somewhere in the the great Northwest more and more, and less about the noisy, filthy city life that has me crammed in a small sardine apartment with no parking of my own that i have now. I think about houses on quite roads with brick walls that are covered with decades of growing filigree. I think about huge wrap around front porches with creaky steps, shutter windows, and houses with built in libraries, old claw foot tubs, and original wood floors. These are things that i want, but these are things that are impossibly out of reach with life in Southern California. These thoughts and dreams are not new by any means,they are just becoming more of a reality of what i want and increasingly present everyday that i spend here in Long Beach. However, reality is because of work, i don't see myself packing up my bags and leaving any time soon, but alas c'est la vie! This is what dreaming is for. Come find me on the inter-webs and say hello! I miss you all and wish to hopefully cross paths on this blog more often! ciao, kittens!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

June Is...

Hello strangers. Until, um mhmhm... just about twenty minutes ago, I literally had almost forgotten that i even had a blog. Im not good at updating this thing, nor do i think i ever will be, so apologies in advance if you expect this thing to be consistent and its not. However, yesterday i turned one year older, and its fair to say that i didnt even bother to get all gussied up, or find somewhere fancy to spend the evening, frankly the evening was spent at a friends place eating in and later then stumbling over to a dive bar up the street. There was no glitz,and there was no glam, but by the end of the evening my lipstick was smudge, my shirt was ripped, and my feet throbbed, and i had had one of the best birthdays.
Its strange to say, and not easy to roll off my tongue, but i am now twenty two, and i officially feel like im in the first stages of my 'young adult life.' However,I feel as if i could have been sixteen just yesterday, although i never imagined my life to be where it is today, and I never imagined i would live so far away from my family, and at times feel so incredibly homesick, but i also never thought i would be so incredibly happy that i took the chance and moved. I think California has forever made me a dreamer and a believer in magic and love and for that my gratitude towards the sunshine and palms trees will never die. here's to twenty two!

Monday, March 26, 2012


Hi hello strangers! Well, twenty six days later and im all settled in into my new place, well not really because i still have half my life in a storage unit, but its as good as its going to get for now.

My transition from moving from Huntington Beach up to Long Beach has been a little rocking, ok alot rocky. Even though Huntington Beach is just a hop, skip and a jump away, i feel they are worlds apart and two entirely different cities. I have never lived in a metropolitan area such as Long Beach and its been very exciting making some lifestyle adjustments to accommodate living in a more city like environment than Huntington Beach was, such as learning to use my bike as my main source of commuting. Unfortunately, i dont have parking where i live now, so its nothing but street parking over here, and let me spare you with just saying, dealing with the no parking situation has been an utter nightmare to say the very least! So instead of driving to run errands, such as going to the bank, or post office, or to go grocery shopping, or even to work, i now bike every where. i even bike to the laundromat when i have to do a load since i dont have an on-site laundry in my building. These are all things i took for granted when i lived in Huntington Beach, howvever despite the changes im loving it!

I love waking up in the early morning and biking to the beach, and on my way seeing all the local shop owners open shop for the day. I love seeing the dozens of people who walk their dogs in the morning. I love the hustle and bustle of other commuters. I love the grittiness that this place brings out in me. i love that i have something new to see and learn about everyday. i even love that its a challenge for me to buy groceries now because whatever i buy i have to be able to take with me on my bike. I love how friendly people are here, and i also love how unfriendly people are here. I love seeing that people still roller blade.

However, on an entirely different note, im still a sleepless soul who fills her nights with shenanigans and solo dress up parties, so i thought this time would be as good as any to share with you my newest of treasures! I recently bought myself a Ukulele from the late 1930s, and Im most excited about it, as i belive the uke is one of the happiest tunes to be heard and a great instrument for impromptu playing.

Sadly, as of now i only know two cords, but im hoping by the summer i will be able to play a tune or two, so i can take it with me to festivals. But for now my poor neighbors get the privilege of listening to me practice at all hours of the night. (They like it, dont worry.) Howvever, im off to hid under my covers and prep for a night of junk food and watching re-runs of I Love Lucy.

ta' ta' kittens!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Somthing To Look Forward To

At last, i am back again, hi hello dear ol' blog! Things around here have been crazy, in fact they have been so crazy that i have nearly abandoned ship over at my little ol' etsy shop, but fear not i will most definitely be back up and fully stocking the shop with new frocks in the next two months. I say two months because i still have a roller coaster of changes to look forward to that have me running every which way but focused on the shop, so my sincere apologise if the shop really does start turning into a ghost town.

However, something for you to look forward to are these precious 1920s & 1930s floral cotton frocks that will hit the shop in the up in coming new listings.

But, something or rather things for me to look forward to are just settling into my new place that i just moved into, starting a new job, learning to play my new, well vintage Ukulele, and well gearing up for another big change for me that is going to happen in the next few weeks!

I still have no idea whats going to happen or how im going to adjust to all these changes in my personal life, but i do know that im just going to enjoy my time here in California and soak up as much experiences and learn as much as i can while im here and embrace taking more chances, making more mistakes, and learning to pick myself up and brush myself off, all the while just being young, rowdy and excited about life!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Am I Going To Sink Or Swim?

Hello kittens and hello February! My oh my, where does time go? I thought i would brush off the cobwebs and dust the dust off from this forgotten 'journal' and briefly share with you all whats been happening around these parts as of late, not that anyone cares, but this is a journal, right?

These photos are from the last few days i spent in Washington and sadly this was practically the only day it snowed. But since ringing in the new year back in my hometown of Spokane, Washington i have made my way back home in southern California and have been bombarded with so many unexpected changes in my life, both big and small, and in just the sort span of this blossoming wonderful new year.
For one and perhaps the biggest change for me at least for now is that ive made the decision and am ready to say goodbye to my wonderful little beach city that i have called home for almost four years. I love it here and I love the beach, but im ready for the city life and am hungry for something new!
I would be kidding myself and lying to you if i didnt say things for me right now have never been so unclear and ive never felt so unsure of whats to come and or what i want. To be honest, im scared to my wits end of packing up again and heading to an entirely different city where i dont know anything or anyone, howvever i have also never been more ready and excited for a another new challenge than i do now.
so, who knows whats to come or what next city i will call home, but i have fifty three days to decide and am ready to jump into somehting new and find out if i will sink or swim!
So, here goes nothing!

Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 Who Are You?

I cant believe 2011 is already over! Time seriously seemed to fly by for me this year. It was an incredible year full of ups, downs and everything in between, however even though im sad to say goodbye to 2011 im even more excited to see whats to come in the new year. To me 2012 means even more late night dance parties, more vintage, lots more moments of discovering myself, taking more risk, making even more unforgettable lifetime memories with my beautiful friends, and most importantly dreaming bigger and better dreams than ever before!

I hope you all had a wonderful new years. Unfortunately i didn't take much photos that night other than these terrible cell phone phones that were taken before we went out and let the mean streets of Spokane, Washington, and every bar & party downtown take a hold of us until the very wee hours of the morning.
Here's to another great year full of uncontrollable laughter, making mistakes,and being happy!


Monday, December 26, 2011


My goodness its been a very long while since i have done a post! Lots of things have changed and are new for me since, but instead of boring you with what i've been doing since i last posted i think i will just start with today.
Im back home in Spokane, Washington for the holidays visiting family and friends. Its been nearly two in a half years since ive been home for longer than thirty two hours and almost three years since ive seen my older sister. This trip around is defiantly different than any of my other previous visits.

Being 'home' so far has definitely been exciting but yet also rather strange. Things are different. Im different. Although it seems no matter how long im gone for time in Spokane seems to stand still. That to me is both terrifying and comforting.

Sadly, my time in Spokane in nearly coming to an end and i will soon be back by the beach in southern California. I cant quite explain how incredibly strange this trip has turned out to be so far. I feel both nostalgic for Spokane, and yet determined stay away for as long as possible.

But enough with my nostalgic woes. Hopefully I will do a better job updating this thing, but i make no promises. So if im no where to be found around these parts for another three months i hope you have have a fantastic and fabolous new years!