Wednesday, July 13, 2011

La De Da

These photos are from day two of my San Francisco adventure, although excuse the frizz ball of a mess i had going on with my hair. The weather was so fantastically hot that day, it had me running all over the city, exploring every nook and cranny possible, and frankly i just didn't care to much to stop and primp. I spent most of the day doing what i like to do best, people watch. I'm extremely fascinated by people, their characteristics, and humanity, and well those extremely well-put-together folks are good to look at too! However, instead of taking your regular sight seeing photos like one is suppose to do when visiting San Francisco, i think i took more photos of the interesting looking homeless people in their natural habitats and of little children laughing than any thing else! Can you say creep? I ended my last full day in San Francisco with a delightful dinner at The Stinking Rose, San Francisco's best garlic restaurant and a must go to place when visiting!
All the while im so glad to be back home and nestled away in sunny southern California where the sun doesn't stop shining!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

In California

This past weekend I took a spontaneous trip up north to San Francisco for a few days. The whole shindig was planned in a matter of minutes, like most things in my life(ha). Something had just sparked in me and the idea of spending the weekend lingering their city streets and festering under some shady trees in the Golden Gate Park, all the while stuffing my face with the tastiest pastries the bay area has has to offer, was suddenly the most brilliant idea! And before i knew it my bags were packed and i was running out the door,and i was in my car flying up Interstate5 with my windows down and blasting Scott McKenzie, "If You're Going To San Francisco(be sure to wear some flowers in your hair)".

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tea for Two Please

Oh boy, this blog is looking like a ghost town, my apologies. Since summer has begun i have been jumping ship left and right traveling to visit friends and family and having friends come into town and visit me! First it was Seattle, then back home, then my best friend came to visit and we took off for the weekend to an music and art festival, then back to Seattle and hopped over to Spokane for a day, then back home, then my other best friend came to visit and we took off to Las Vegas, then back home and i just last night got back from a little get away to San Francisco for the weekend. Summer has been exhausting but ever so exciting! While i was in San Francisco i did little shopping for the shop and i manage to bring home lots of new things for the shop but also snagging myself three new caplets! I never get tired collecting lingerie tidbits. Any thing soft, pastel and with lace makes my heart flutter!