Wednesday, July 13, 2011

La De Da

These photos are from day two of my San Francisco adventure, although excuse the frizz ball of a mess i had going on with my hair. The weather was so fantastically hot that day, it had me running all over the city, exploring every nook and cranny possible, and frankly i just didn't care to much to stop and primp. I spent most of the day doing what i like to do best, people watch. I'm extremely fascinated by people, their characteristics, and humanity, and well those extremely well-put-together folks are good to look at too! However, instead of taking your regular sight seeing photos like one is suppose to do when visiting San Francisco, i think i took more photos of the interesting looking homeless people in their natural habitats and of little children laughing than any thing else! Can you say creep? I ended my last full day in San Francisco with a delightful dinner at The Stinking Rose, San Francisco's best garlic restaurant and a must go to place when visiting!
All the while im so glad to be back home and nestled away in sunny southern California where the sun doesn't stop shining!


  1. fan-fan-fantastic outfit, i love it all!

  2. @lauren
    aw shucks, coming from a lady with her own fantastic style,it means so much! thank you, dearie!

  3. hot dog! what a cute dress, friendy-friend. also, the sunglasses!

  4. I adore this outfit, you look amazing! I found you through Etsy, amazing shop too <3


  5. @Wild Flower
    Kaylee dearie, you are ever so sweet! thank you for saying hi, it means so much!

  6. San Francisco is always an awesome city to visit.. Love the look by the way.. Especially the hat..

    All the best, Angel

  7. @Angel Garcia
    indeed Angel!
    thank you so much for your kind words and stopping by to say hi!

  8. More San Francisco posts, please!
    It's really nice to live vicariously through them, I miss that city so much..

    Did you spend any time in the Tenderloin? I lived just on the outskirts and there was never a dull moment! Lots of 'excentriques' as I lovingly referred to them!