Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tales From An Insomniac

Bonjour! Its been a long week of sleepless nights, to much ice cream in bed, early morning dance parties to sixties french pop music, lots of late night lurking on the web for super hero costumes for my cat,and i have been spending way to many hours playing dress up in the very wee hours of the night, i'd say my week so far has been productive, hows yours?

Last night was no exception to my bazaar late night antics. I could'nt sleep and felt a niche to tear up my closet and play dress up at two thirty in the morning. I just felt like dancing and i could'nt think of a more suiting time to crank up some old timely tunes and try on nearly every dress i own while twirling around my room in my ballet slippers.

Although my dress up parties might seem silly, well its because they are, but sometimes the most enjoyable part of my day is just being silly very late at night all by my lonesome where i can throw up my arms, shake my hips and dance like a wild ape!

how about you kittens, how do you lovelies spend your sleepless late nights?


  1. WHAT is in your hair?! gjdfhgjsdfg way too many pretty things here. brainexplode.

  2. @cassiopeia*
    oh why thanks cass, but its an entire star galaxy on my head!

  3. girl, gimme yo closet. i see so many lovely things tucked back in there!

  4. What a great idea! Instead of tossing and turning when one cannot sleep, get up and dance to your heart's delight.