Saturday, September 24, 2011

Magic In The Desert

I've come out from the depths of my wild and untamed solo dance parties, my late night day dreaming, and my never end pile of precious raggedy dresses that need cleaning, to say hello again on my abandoned and almost forgotten blog!
Its been nearly a month since I've gotten home from my trip to Burning Man and i can honestly say that i'm still riding the wave of excitement from coming home from such a magical event! It was my third year out there, and if i do say so myself it was my favorite year of all! Im not sure if it was the amazing weather conditions this year, or that fact that i have finally learned how to come prepared to this shindig, but it was most definitely my most enjoyable and memorable year of all and a large part of that had to do with sharing this experience for the third time around with one of my closest friends and my partner in crime, Olie.

I think i can safely say that both her and i have come along ways from our very first days of our first ever attended festival back when we were sixteen(almost six years ago!), although the first festivals we ever attended were rather called Barter Fairs and mostly took place in the north eastern side of Washington and are incredibly different in so many ways than the types of festivals we attend now, however i have been so incredibly lucky to have had her by my side from the beginning and to have somebody who is equally diverse with their interst/hobbies and to share such a passion, not only for festivals and the culture within them, but also having a true genuine passion for vintage!
But even after six year of attending these crazy things, we still fail miserably at documenting these magical events properly! There is just so much going on everywhere you look, especially at Burning Man. I sincnerly don't know how one would capture such an event and portray it in all its layers without just actually being there and experiencing it for yourself!

( A photo from our first year at Burning Man in 2009 )

However, for those of you wondering what Burning Man is, i would say it is everything in your wildest dreams and more! It is a man made city located in the middle of the desert that only exist for seven days, and is made up of 50,000 of the craziest folks from all over the world! There is more music, art and dance than one could see, hear, or do in one week! It is a city of massive pirate ships, saucer cupcakes, and ginormous rubber ducks, all on wheels and cursing by. It is the only place where you are stripped raw from society and are left to climb massive art sculptures,dance on speakers, swing from cages, bike through dust storms, and most importantly play,laugh, and be merry till sunrise!


  1. My girls grew up... be greatful that you have someone to share your moments with.....

  2. Lovely photos! It seems like such an exciting time! I know what you mean about how difficult it is to capture special events though... it seems like most of the time I don't even bring my camera, and when I do, I totally hate the photos! lol :)

    Aya ♥ Strawberry Koi