Monday, December 26, 2011


My goodness its been a very long while since i have done a post! Lots of things have changed and are new for me since, but instead of boring you with what i've been doing since i last posted i think i will just start with today.
Im back home in Spokane, Washington for the holidays visiting family and friends. Its been nearly two in a half years since ive been home for longer than thirty two hours and almost three years since ive seen my older sister. This trip around is defiantly different than any of my other previous visits.

Being 'home' so far has definitely been exciting but yet also rather strange. Things are different. Im different. Although it seems no matter how long im gone for time in Spokane seems to stand still. That to me is both terrifying and comforting.

Sadly, my time in Spokane in nearly coming to an end and i will soon be back by the beach in southern California. I cant quite explain how incredibly strange this trip has turned out to be so far. I feel both nostalgic for Spokane, and yet determined stay away for as long as possible.

But enough with my nostalgic woes. Hopefully I will do a better job updating this thing, but i make no promises. So if im no where to be found around these parts for another three months i hope you have have a fantastic and fabolous new years!


  1. You're lovely =) I love reading your posts and I really hope you do start posting more.

    <3 Sarah

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  3. @Sarah Dee

    Sarah Dee you are ever so kind. Thank you so much for all your interest and suppport. It is very much apperciated. thank you. <3