Saturday, June 16, 2012

June Is...

Hello strangers. Until, um mhmhm... just about twenty minutes ago, I literally had almost forgotten that i even had a blog. Im not good at updating this thing, nor do i think i ever will be, so apologies in advance if you expect this thing to be consistent and its not. However, yesterday i turned one year older, and its fair to say that i didnt even bother to get all gussied up, or find somewhere fancy to spend the evening, frankly the evening was spent at a friends place eating in and later then stumbling over to a dive bar up the street. There was no glitz,and there was no glam, but by the end of the evening my lipstick was smudge, my shirt was ripped, and my feet throbbed, and i had had one of the best birthdays.
Its strange to say, and not easy to roll off my tongue, but i am now twenty two, and i officially feel like im in the first stages of my 'young adult life.' However,I feel as if i could have been sixteen just yesterday, although i never imagined my life to be where it is today, and I never imagined i would live so far away from my family, and at times feel so incredibly homesick, but i also never thought i would be so incredibly happy that i took the chance and moved. I think California has forever made me a dreamer and a believer in magic and love and for that my gratitude towards the sunshine and palms trees will never die. here's to twenty two!


  1. Happy belated birthday! I'm usually the same way with my blog ha, during the school year it's as if it doesn't exist!


  2. frist time on your blog...It's amazing!kisses from Italy

  3. Happy birthday! =)