Friday, October 26, 2012

Whos Keeping Time?

Untitled Its been over five months since we've brushed shoulders, and last time we spoke i told you i celebrated turning one year older by dancing till the very wee hours of the morning, and since then not much has changed. I'm still one year older,and i still spend a majority of my nights dancing recklessly while collecting remnants of past times. Both the peach chiffon blouse and purple beaded dress are from the 1920s and are some of my recent treasures that i have made mine. Untitled Untitled Untitled Diptic I could bore you with why i haven't been around these parts as of late, but there's no real reason why Ive been letting things stand still here, other than they kinda just are. I'm not hiding, i just can be found more frequent on my twitter or instagram than here these days. Aside from my no reason of absence from the ol' blog, I've been spending more time than usual day dreaming about the 1920s, delicate ecru lace, the smell of old photographs, and the feeling you get when you your in the presence of something beautiful, but most importantly i find myself thinking about old decrepit houses that are still secretly nested in a vast of brush, trees and flowers somewhere in the the great Northwest more and more, and less about the noisy, filthy city life that has me crammed in a small sardine apartment with no parking of my own that i have now. I think about houses on quite roads with brick walls that are covered with decades of growing filigree. I think about huge wrap around front porches with creaky steps, shutter windows, and houses with built in libraries, old claw foot tubs, and original wood floors. These are things that i want, but these are things that are impossibly out of reach with life in Southern California. These thoughts and dreams are not new by any means,they are just becoming more of a reality of what i want and increasingly present everyday that i spend here in Long Beach. However, reality is because of work, i don't see myself packing up my bags and leaving any time soon, but alas c'est la vie! This is what dreaming is for. Come find me on the inter-webs and say hello! I miss you all and wish to hopefully cross paths on this blog more often! ciao, kittens!


  1. I'm super jealous of your collection of mint lingerie! Glad to see you on this space again :)


  2. It sounds like you either need to take a step towards making your dreams real or put your dreams away a little. If your dreams are only making you sad, it's destructive.

  3. what a beautiful blog. The aesthetic here is something I would like to crawl into and stay in forever.


  4. superb! Really nice post sis, excited to see more xx Peach