Friday, May 20, 2011

Style Like You

Scout Willis for has done a few wonderful video features, called 'closets' on a few stylish young fashionistas, and which i found rather fantastic because i find nothing more interesting then perusing other peoples closets, especially when they have amazing vintage treasures in them! I believe closets are so very personal, whether you take fashion seriously or not! The feature with Scout Willis was one that i enjoyed the most! I got chills down my spin just hearing the way she talked so lively about her style and her years of treasure hunting. I love when you can feel people's passion and love for the things they own! Now im not usually necessarily one to dress like im going to a Devendra Banhart concert, but i do sincnerly appreciate funk and personal style! This little feature has inspired me to do my own little 'closet' sharing, maybe even with a video in the near future!


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