Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hello Summer!

Picnic in the Park detail - 1954

Hanging Out in Summer of '42

Oh my! Where do i even begin! First off excuse my long absence. One of my best friends flew into town on a very short notice, and when i say short i mean her decision to come visit was decided on a roll of dice at 2am a few days prior to her arrival(literally)!HA The main attraction for her arrival was for us to kick off the start of summer by going to Lighting In The Bottle, which was a five day music and art festival filled with plenty of warm sunshine,dancing till 6am, drinking under the stars, and being surrounded by the most incredible and inspiring people around! Although i am very sad to see her go back home, i am however left feeling incredibly inspired, and grateful for my wonderful best friends back home! Tomorrow i am back to work in the shop, and i will try my best to pump out lots of new listings before the week is over!


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