Monday, August 1, 2011

Goodbye July

Hello kittens! I cant believe July is already over and August is here. Summer for me is just flying bye! These last couple of weeks i have sort of put myself in hiding. Since i had quite a hectic and wonderfully exciting beginning of summer with so much traveling and adventures, and now that everything is finally winding down and im slowly back to my routines, i have taken quite alot of time to just enjoy being a quiet hermit, day dreaming of all things pretty, and being swept away by the short stories and imagination of Joan Didion.

However, yesterday there was a small vintage show and it was every opportunity to pull back my covers, get out of bed, and mingle with society. The 1920s straw cloche hat in the first two photos is one of the treasures i brought home with me yesterday, but only after i had to put up a small fight to get it. The funny thing is I saw this very hat last year at the same show being sold by a different seller who only wanted pennies for this hat compared to what the lady who bought it and was now reselling it for yesterday. I remeber going home last year beating myself up for not snagging it when i first saw it, since then it has literally been one of the peices that has been haunting me in the back of mind and when i saw it yesterday from across the room my heart begin to flutter with excitement, and i quickly ran over to reunite with it. As i was walking over i was determined not to let this hat get away again. Unfortunately i had to suck it up and pay almost three times as much than when i first saw it for sale. But, im not too worried because i plan on wearing this for the rest of the summer flocking under the sun on the beach, while catching up on my reading!
I hope July was just as kind to you, as it was to me! Hello August.


  1. oh my lands. your outfit is PERFECTION.
    that hat story is unbelievable. I can't believe you were able to purchase it! I would have done the same, though... it's just too perfect.

    Kala Noel.

  2. Oh kala, you are always so sweet! Im still a little shocked myself! The lady at first made it very clear that she did not want to sell that hat separately from a $500 dress that she had paired as an outfit,but there was no way i was going to buy that dress and then pay for the hat as well! I walked almost feeling defeated and almost in tears, but i went back just one more time right before i was going to leave the show completely and i had confessed to her that i sincerely love this hat and i want to make it mine & after 15mins of saying no, she finally gave in! it was a vintage miracle! : )

  3. You look beautiful as always and what a find on the hat

  4. What a BEAUTIFUL hat! Gorgeous outfit all around!

  5. @BaronessVonVintage
    thank you so much dearie!
    i knew you would love and apperciate that hat!

  6. Adorable! I love the hat!


  7. @Sarah Dee

    @Quite Continental
    thank you so much ladies! it truly is a gem! I nearly paid the cost of a liver for it, so i plan on basically being buried in the thing!ha however i also plan on doing a more proper time period outfit post with the hat later this month! : )

  8. Stunning hat!
    Love your frock,actually,gorgeous print.
    Just found you,and I'm off for a look around! :)

  9. You look absolutely amazing! I the color and print on your dress is so so so lovely and your summer straw hat is superb! I love this look!


  10. @Helga!

    @Wild Flower
    Thank you to the both of you ladies for such kind words and stopping by to say hi!*

  11. You are just so precious in that hat......LOVE the hat!! No matter what you paid for it, it is right for you......and always will be "you". Wear it in good health and enjoy the really "sings" me.

  12. I just found your shop/blog - beautiful things! That hat is to die for, I can understand putting up the fight :). Sarah Elizabeth