Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Fancy Footwear

Vintage shoes are my favorite type of footwear, however i truly love 30s and 40s heels, but i do have an appreciation for all kinds of fancy footwear from every era!

When i find beautiful shoes, I love thinking about what fabulous gal wore these and how many nights she probably spent dancing in them!

It saddens to know that they just dont make shoes of this quality and craftsmanship any more. I really love the high platform's of 30s and 40s heels and all the feminine details that went into shoes of those eras. Heels just dont get any better than this!

I had originally bought these two pairs of heels for myself, and tragically they did not fit! Unfortunately with shoes, (unlike my bad habit of keeping to many dresses that dont fit because i tell myself they will...someday!), when they just dont fit, there's nothing you really can do, other than just pass them on and hope they will find a good home!
All the shoes above are currently listed in the shop!


  1. Absolutely stunning! I just keep looking over every pair :) Unfortunately, I have monster feet that never fit into vintage shoes:(

  2. Bruklyn: saddly i have monster feet too! and i hardly EVER find a pair of shoes that fit! oh what i would do, if i could be a size 6/7!

  3. shoe envy to the max. i am lucky enough to be graced with tiny feet but have the displeasure of toting around a giant mellon on my shoulders. no vintage hats for me.