Thursday, March 3, 2011

Billie Holiday Lives Again!

well not exactly, but perhaps a dress of hers does! I recently purchased this beautiful 1930s designer dress from Dear Golden, and have now made the most exciting discovery! This dress is the exact same dress that the legionary jazz singer Billie Holiday was photographed in.

She not only is photographed in this dress but is also photographed in some of the most iconic images related to jazz! She wore this dress numerous times through out her career!

I feel that this dress couldn't be meant for me any more! I am true fan of Billie Holiday who has been a deadictated listener for many years! When i found out about the connection I almost cried! I could'nt have been more excited! But now I am left to wonder, could this dress have been Miss Holiday's!?! I like to pretend and think so, because the dress is a m/l and Billie Holiday was no xs. Also this is a rare 1930s Originals by Rudolf design, which means that few ladies had this dress back in the day!

Just the connection to the iconic legion of Billie Holiday is enough for me! I now have big plans to wear this dress when i go visit one of my best friends Miss bee hives! in Seattle! We plan to sway and swoon while listening to our favorite jams from Billie Holiday over drinks!


  1. That dress is absolutely stunning!
    What a great find

  2. OH MY GOOOODNESS, this is the most amazing thing I have ever laid eyes on. What a treasure. Seriously...WOW

  3. Absolutely stunning!