Wednesday, March 2, 2011


One my favorite things to collect is lingerie!It just doesn't get more feminine than 1920s lacy bed jackets, and 1940s bullet bras. I have always been inspired by vintage lingerie,old smutty magazines, and Edwardian pinup.

This particular 1920s lace bed jacket is one of my favorites! I got it a awhile back and i practically live in the darn thing! I love the heavy lace detail and the small pastel flowers near the shoulder.

Sadly I don't find enough pretty lingerie to often any more, but recently I uncovered 100+ dead stock 1940s stain and lace bullet bras! They are all in need of 'bra sliders',but once i find and sew them on they will be hitting the shop!

Until then i can only dream about recreating my own vintage inspired lingerie!


  1. i LOVE that bullet bra. or is it a corselette?

    you are beautiful, my friend. i will be dreamin' your dream!

  2. oh why thank you, casscass!
    im not exactly sure of the official name for this number, but its like a corset bra, it only goes down to my belly button!

  3. that long-line is GORGEOUS i sold mine "fancy" one years ago and I'm still kicking myself over it. I could use some new bullet didn't happen to find any D's did you?

  4. Unfortunately no! All the bras i got are xs,xs-a small M!