Thursday, August 11, 2011

When Things Were Pretty

These are some of my newest treasures from the 20s that the postman brought to me yesterday. Oh, how i wish he could bring things like this to me everyday, but don't we all? Lately i have noted how much my buying habits are so different than say someone who just doesn't wear vintage. For example; Earlier this week i wasn't able to rationalize myself going to Target and spending a few buckaroos for a pair of knee high stockings but i was quick to jump at spending $25 on one pair of old 1930s knee high stockings that have a few holes in them, need to be worn with care and can only be cleaned if i hand washed them. They were nearly identical to the ones offered at Target but didn't have what others would consider 'cons' when buying an item but what i would consider just to be character. Its silly, i know, but most of the time i really cant bring myself to spend my money on something new or reproduced when i know i can find something vintage(old, brittle and dirty) to spend my piggy bank on instead and come home much happier! To me things are that well worn, or scattered with holes or even stained are always more of an eye catcher than say something new new and fancy. Some of my most beloved treasures are the most damaged things i own.


  1. I know EXACTLY how you feel. I shelled out some hard earned cash on some new heeled oxfords a couple years ago and haven't worn them once. They're too shiny... and I'm not convinced of their structural integrity. Vintage is just better.

  2. Oh my! Those pieces are stunning! That dress is a work of art!